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There are many ways businesses can market their products and services. Some of the ways we will talk about in this articles is listing your business locally. The best way for marketing your company is by engaging customers and partners.

One of the best and easiest way to get your business going is by working with your local Chamber of Commerce. You are going to want to network with as many other businesses as possible as it could lead to stronger and better partnerships. Most Local CC’s will charge a fee but if you put your business out there you will make up way more than what you pay for.

Flyers are one of my favorite ways of promoting and finding new customers. Sometimes just by going up to local businesses and asking if you can post a flyer will call attention to your business. If other businesses get to learn more about your company, they will have reason to recommend you to their customers. Sometimes offering a sample or freebie can boost this relationship with trust sense your new partner can tell their customers from experience about your business.

Joining a gym or fitness center. Joining a gym is probably one of the funnest ways of finding customers. Not only are you exercising but you can get to know others while you do this. I think people are more open and talkative when they are healthy. I always feel so good when I work out and that is usually the best time to approach me on a business idea or plan.

Posted May 14, 2012 by mcecnetwork in Marketing

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