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Speed up your Windows XP or Windows 7 PC   Leave a comment

Speeding up your computer that does not have to be a very difficult task if you follow this guide. This guide is broken up to 2 sections: Speeding the System Boot &  Boosting Windows Operating System

Speeding the System Boot

     When you first start your computer, it will first load the Bios Screen. To continue on with this guide, you will be required to enter the BIOS Setup Screen. When the BIOS Screen is shown it will give you a few seconds to select severtal options using your keyboard. One of your options will be called “Setup.” You will want to select whatever key on your keyboard that the BIOS screen is showing you to select “Setup” This can be either F10, F2, ESC, or a different key for the keyboard. Select the appropriate key to enter the BIOS Setup.  

Change Boot Order:

     Once you have entered the BIOS Setup Screen you will want to change the Boot Order. By Changing your Boot Order set to your Hard Drive first, BIOS will save load time by loading the Hard Drive before USB, Disk Drives, etc.

Enable Quick Boot,  Disable Memory Checks, or Enable Quick Power on Self Test in BIOS:

      You may not have an option for all 3, but if you can find at least one of the 3 options you will increase your PCs speed. Go into your BIOS and look for either Quick Boot and Make sure that it’s Enabled. Look for Memory Checks and insure that it is Disabled. Finally if you have Quick Power, insure that it is enabled. By configuring one of these options will help increase the system speed.

Boosting Windows Operating System

Disk Defragmenter:

     Disk Defragmenter in Windows is a nice little utility developed by Microsoft that was designed to increase access speed by rearranging all of the files stored on a disk. This basically allows the PC to read and write files to the disk faster. This utility will also allow faster startup programs speed to increase, because most startup program are store on the hard drive.

Disable Indexing Service(Windows XP & 7) and Windows Search(Windows 7):

     By Disabling Indexing Service and Windows Search you are increasing your PCs speed, because your computer will no longer be saving all of the data on every file you have on the computer to the Indexing database. Indexing allows a unique way of finding a file a lot quicker when you do a file search. If you can live without having to do a word search for your files, disabling this will help boost your PC speed.

     For Windows 7 Users:

Step 1: Click the Start Button

Step 2: Click Control Panel

Step 3: Click Programs & then Programs and Features

Step 4: Turns Features on or off

Step 5: Make sure that there is no check mark showing for Indexing or Windows Search and click the OK button.

For Windows XP Users:

Step 1: Open “My Computer.”

Step 2: Right-click on your hard drive (usually “C:”) and choose “Properties.”

Step 3: Uncheck the box at the bottom that reads “Allow Indexing Service to…”

Step 4: Click OK.