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How to access your router via a web browser.   Leave a comment

Most routers are pretty easy to access. All you have to do is open up your favorite browser wither Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. Once you do all you have to do is type in into your address bar and hit enter. A prompt will ask for a user name and password. You can usually find that information either on the back of the router its self or somewhere in the material. However you can also find the default user name and password by visiting this website:

Posted May 14, 2012 by mcecnetwork in Wireless and Internet

How to look up your Wireless Security Password in Windows 7   Leave a comment

Step 1: Click on Start and than click on Control Panel.

Step 2: Click on Network and Security.

Step 3: Click on Network and Sharing Center.

Step 4: Click on Change Adapter Settings.

Step 5: Right click on the Wireless Network Connection you are using.

Step 6: Click on Status.

Step 7: Click on the Wireless Properties button.

Step 8: Click on the security tab.

Step 9: Finally all you have to do is check mark the Show Characters bo and that will display your security password.

Posted May 12, 2012 by mcecnetwork in Wireless and Internet